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Sunset - Sunrise

Sunset - Sunrise $ 79


  • $125 (1-2 people)

  • $79 (3-8 people)

Quick Details

  • Ages: Ages 10+

  • Duration: 1 - 3 Hours

  • Activity Level: Beginners

  • Departure Time: 5.15 am, 5.30 pm

What’s Included:

  • A snack and a drink at the end of your tour 

  • Snorkeling gear


  • Videos and photos

Embark on a captivating snorkeling adventure led by a knowledgeable guide against the backdrop of Aruba's sunrise or sunset. Delve into the mesmerizing underwater realm as the sky comes alive with vibrant colors. This intimate experience offers a serene and enchanting encounter with nature's beauty. Whether it's the dawn of a new day or the tranquil twilight, let Aruba's breathtaking scenery captivate your senses on this unforgettable snorkeling journey.

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